Mastering Hilt - Android | Kotlin | Hilt (Dagger 2)

Mastering Hilt - Android | Kotlin | Hilt (Dagger 2)

Becoming Proficient in Dependency Injection with Hilt for Android (Kotlin)


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What we will learn from your course?

This course focuses on mastering Dependency Injection (DI) using Hilt, a widely used library in Android development. What we will learn from this course:

  • Introduction to DI: Understand the basics of Dependency Injection and its benefits for creating maintainable code.

  • Setting up Hilt: Learn how to integrate Hilt into Android projects seamlessly.

  • Annotations: Grasp the core Hilt annotations and their roles, such as @HiltAndroidApp and @AndroidEntryPoint.

  • Providing Dependencies: Use Hilt's annotations like @Provides for dependency provisioning.

  • Constructor Injection: Explore how Hilt simplifies injecting dependencies into constructors.

  • Scopes and Custom Scopes: Understand how Hilt manages dependency lifecycles with built-in and custom scopes.

  • Component Dependencies: Learn how to enable components to share dependencies while maintaining isolation.

  • Qualifiers: Implement qualifiers to differentiate between similar dependencies.

  • Assisted Injection: Dive into assisted injection techniques for classes not directly managed by Hilt.

  • Testing with Hilt: Discover how to test Hilt-managed dependencies effectively.

  • Migration to Hilt: Get insights into migrating from Dagger to Hilt seamlessly.

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