Android : Override System Font Size

Android : Override System Font Size

How to Override System Font Size in Android Application.


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From Android 14 , the system font size can be set to up to 200%. But you might want to keep the application font size according to your requirement.

Here is, how you can override the system font size in your Android application easily.

First : Extension API

Add this extension API in your application.

 * Override system font size for current application.
 * When device font size is set to max/larger size, this API can help
 * to override the system font size and set a custom font size.
 * Ex: If the device font size exceeded your expected font size,
 * you can override the font size with this API.
 * @param newBase [Context]
 * @param newValue [Float]
 * @param overrideValue [Float]
 * @return [Boolean] to verify success or not.
fun ComponentActivity.overrideFontSize(
    newBase: Context?,
    newValue: Float,
    overrideValue: Float,
): Boolean = try {
    Configuration(newBase?.resources?.configuration).apply {
        if (this.fontScale > overrideValue) {
            this.fontScale = newValue
} catch (e: Exception) {
    e.printStackTrace(); false

Second : Override

override attachBaseContext(newBase: Context?) API in your BaseActivity.

abstract class BaseActivity() : AppCompactActivity{
    //Override and call overrideFontSize api to set custom font size.
    override fun attachBaseContext(newBase: Context?) {
        val isFontOverwrite: Boolean = overrideFontSize(newBase, 1.3F, 1.3F)
        debugLogOnly("Is font override done: $isFontOverwrite")

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